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Complete Works of Agniveer - Vol 1

Complete Works of Agniveer - Vol 1


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Authors : Sanjeev Newar, Vashi Sharma

About the Product  
Life-changing works on Hinduism, Yoga, motivation, spirituality, Moksha and burning issues concerning society, nation and Dharma.

Hindu Philosophy
  • Questions only Hinduism can Answer
  • Vedas - Source of every philosophy that makes sense 
  • Essence of Vedas – first book of world
  • Eternal Religion Of Humanity
  • Divine Vedas
Real Hinduism
  • मांस नहीं माँ – गोहत्या पर हिन्दू प्रतिकार
  • Beyond Flesh there lies a human being
  • Dalits of Hinduism
  • A Hindu’s fight for Mother Cow
  • Attacks on Hinduism And its defence forever
  • हिन्दू धर्म के दलित 
  • हिन्दी धर्म में नारी की महिमा 
  • Practical Guide to Moksha
  • Conversations on Yoga 
Self Help
  • The Science of Blissful Living
  • Art of Resume making 
  • Powerful, simple but less known health tips [NEW]
  • The Naked Mughals
  • The Naked Mughals : Illustrated
  • हवस के सुल्तान 
  • Padmavati - Stories from buried history
Love Jihad
  • When Aamir met Anushka
  • Decoding Islam -  Religion of many gods, many idols, many births [NEW]
  • Hoax of Islamic Superiority 
  • Quran : Through Kafir's Eye 
  • Every Muslim is NOT a terrorist
  • Indian Muslims - Children of India or slaves of Arab?
  • Islam means peace BUT
Answering Hypocrisy
  • A Liberal’s (F)laws : Hypocrites that feed terrorism [NEW]

Amendment - This is a digital product (Pdf and ePub formats)

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